My name is Len: aspiring traveler and foreign language learner, martial arts practitioner, and an up-and-coming Chemistry graduate student on a PhD track with a love of teaching.

I began developing this website to organize my tangled, snarled web of thoughts that form on a daily basis, and hoped that by doing so I would give myself the opportunity to explore ideas that may otherwise have been overlooked. Most importantly, speaking with myself all day became rather cumbersome, and I figured that I should try and put some of my hindered imagination to good use. Hence, a blog(s)!

Three blog categories are currently underway: “Chemistry and a PhD,” which will take the reader through my present “adventures” of pursuing a PhD in chemistry, including topics from my research and bits of everyday life; “Travel, Cuisine, and Me,” which will kick off my journey to investigate writing travel tips/experiences and restaurant reviews both locally and afar as my journeys continue; and “Exploring Languages,” which is driven by my passion to improve my own and others’ ability to communicate within and across cultural/linguistic boundaries.

If you’re interested in learning more about me and my experiences and/or expertise, feel free to peruse my CV and personal bio in the “About Me” section!

Welcome aboard!