Information and articles posted here are old documents, and the format is under adjustment. 11/1/2020


My name is Len: aspiring traveler, language and culture enthusiast, and an up-and-coming Chemistry graduate student on a PhD track with a love of teaching and writing.

I began developing this website to organize my tangled, snarled web of thoughts, and hoped that doing so would give me the opportunity to explore ideas that may otherwise have been overlooked.

Most importantly… speaking with myself all day became rather cumbersome, and I figured that I should try and put some of my stifled imagination to good use.

Hence, a blog(s)!

Four blog categories are currently underway: “Chemistry and a PhD,” consisting of my “adventures” of pursuing a PhD in chemistry (research and everyday grad student life); “Navigating Science,” a foray into science writing for everyone outside the many rabbit holes scientists traverse; “Travel, Cuisine, and Me,” which kicks off my journey to investigate writing travel tips/experiences and restaurant reviews both locally and afar as my journeys continue; and “Exploring Languages,” which is driven by my passion to improve my own and others’ ability to communicate within and across cultural/linguistic boundaries.

To navigate: each blog is essentially a “category” (i.e. tagged with the topic titles above), and you can use the “Blogs” drop-down menu to filter to all blog posts in that category.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, my experiences, training and/or expertise, feel free to peruse my CV and personal bio in the “About Me” section!

Welcome aboard!