News & Updates

Upcoming planned posts, guides, and any modifications to be made to the website will be posted here for reference, updated regularly.

Upcoming Chemistry and a PhD Posts:

  • Tips & Tricks: (DFT) Convergence – Structure Relaxation in Quantum Espresso
  • Xtra Info: DFT Band Structures – What they are & How to interpret them
  • Tips & Tricks: Generating & Drawing DFT Band Structures with QE
  • Tips & Tricks: Understanding Gaussian Output – Grep-able terms
  • Tips & Tricks: Generating Material “slabs” with VESTA

Upcoming Digesting Science Comfortably Posts:

  • Material Importance – Breaking in New Materials for Popular Use

Upcoming Travel & Food Posts:

  • May Kelly’s, North Conway, NH
  • Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

Upcoming Exploring Languages Posts:

  • Introducing yourself – Japanese

Upcoming LenTime Stories:

  • All are spontaneous! No spoilers.