Cabernet Inn, North Conway – Peaceful & Serene Springtime Getaway

The Cabernet Inn, run by the wonderfully warm and welcoming Jess and Bruce, is a must stay bed & breakfast in North Conway, New Hampshire. Jess is a professional chef who cooks a marvelous breakfast selection, and Bruce is a computer engineer by training who brings a barrage of humor to the table. Both are a joy to speak with, and are over-the-top helpful in suggesting places to see/dine at/explore in the surrounding area. Their Inn is cozy and comfortable, with a vintage design full of moose paraphernalia and needle point artwork, and contains gorgeous rooms (especially the luxury sweet!). All in all, Jess and Bruce make you feel at home, and this is an inn worth staying at again and again.

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Up in New Hampshire’s White Mountain region, there resides a multitude of getaway spots ranging from Bed & Breakfasts to Commercial Hotels. On the East side of the mountain range, you’ll find North Conway, a shopping and tourist focal point for the region, regularly hopping with vacationers and locals. Nearby, the town of Jackson welcomes visitors to enjoy various restaurants, and a multitude of waterfalls dot the region (be sure to check out my expose of these waterfalls **here**). Visiting this region of New Hampshire is sure to open up many exciting prospects for every traveler.

With all of the excitement, I need a quiet and peaceful resting place to end my days, which tends to become harder to find the closer one gets to “the action,” such as North Conway’s center strip…

However, lo and behold, there is a wondrous Bed & Breakfast right up the road, centered amongst all the action but in a perfect spot to avoid the light and noise and really bask in the greatness of visiting a mountainous region: The Cabernet Inn!

The Cabernet Inn is just north of North Conway, about a 5 minute drive, and sits adjacent to a fantastic overlook of the White Mountains on White Mountain Highway (walking distance, about 2 minutes!). Run by a marvelous married couple, Jess and Bruce, who truly make your stay feel like a home away from home from the moment you walk in, this Inn is definitely worth a visit. After a 3 day stay, I was hard-pressed to leave!

My partner, Brooke, and I entered the front door, after gazing at the beautifully simple and cozy exterior, and were greeted by Bruce who readily took us around the interior to see the breakfast area, sitting rooms, lounges, and of course our room, all the while regaling us with a bit of his personal humour to bring big smiles to our faces. Moose art galore, vintage furniture, and hand knit needle point pictures from Bruce’s mother adorned the space, bringing it to life.

Breakfast nook for Jess’ morning creations to be served.
Main room couch with a couple moose paraphernalia, looking out onto the backyard, where there is a walking trail and tennis court (for the summer season, of course).

After the tour and our imaginings of spending one of our days relaxing in one of the vintage sitting rooms, we entered our personal room: the Luxury Suite. Brooke and I were celebrating our Anniversary, so we went over-the-top in terms of room choice, but it did not disappoint! My jaw nearly dropped off upon seeing the layout in person: King bed, fireplace, glass door shower with double sinks, and an enormous Jacuzzi tub!

Perfect fireplace setup
King sized bed

We spent the evenings after dinner fully enjoying the Jacuzzi tub, and watching movies simultaneously. It was magnificent, and a perfect way to decompress after a long day of adventuring to various **shops** and **waterfalls**.

But, let us not forget one of the most important parts: BREAKFAST!

Jess, who we met for the first time the following day after our arrival, is a professional chef, and cooks all breakfast creations for the Inn-goers, while Bruce takes the orders and keeps the jokes right on coming; perfect tag team! Pancakes, French Toast, eggs, and omelets all done in a pristine style packed with flavour, with new specials on the board throughout the week. We got a different order each day and shared the meals in order to enjoy all the options!

Stuffed French toast with bacon and fruit. Heaven on a plate.
Omelets and pancakes, perfectly arranged and delicious to consume!
Jess came out and offered to split the orders for us since we had been sharing our meals! A personal touch is always welcomed.
Coffee is also available, but they also have an entire tea station.

Speaking of Jess and Bruce, we would have been lost on what to see and do without first chatting with them! Both were super helpful in suggesting various restaurants, gift shops, and sights to see at any time of the day (they were available from early morning until early evening!), and we took the time to just socialize with them because of how wonderful they are. Jess and Bruce are fun loving and dedicated, and made our stay truly spectacular.

Brooke and I will definitely keep The Cabernet Inn on our list of places to return to, and I know that I was feeling the heartache upon leaving. I have a deep respect for what Jess and Bruce have built here, and implore you to go find out just how amazing this place is for yourself!

Final notes: check out their website for great packages, such as couples retreats and Murder Mysteries, and Jess even posts a few of her great recipes here on their blog as well!

Waterfalls Article: ** **

Dinner 1 – May Kelly’s: ** **

Dinner 2 – Apple Cider Co. ** **

Lunch – ** **

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