Meeting Street Café Review – Pancake Perfection!

All day breakfast plus a plentiful lunch selection leave room for a fickle appetite, and do not disappoint in either quality or quantity. Service is great, good attitudes, but can be rather slow in terms of turnaround. Worth the wait.

Meeting Street Café resides on Thayer Street in Providence, RI, USA, just north of Brown University’s Science Library and Geochemistry building, and just east of various dorms, making it a prime location for the college community (especially because they serve breakfast all day, and our communities are notable for “late to bed, late to rise” regimens!). Both breakfast and lunch options pack a significant amount of flavor and color that appeal to the senses.

Breakfast highlights first:

Pancakes are nearly a foot in diameter, and with added rapberries or blueberries their flavor profile improves greatly. Soft and hearty pancakes by themselves, the added fruit gives it a pleasant zing throughout; they do not skimp on the addition of said fruit, as one may see in the picture below:

I couldn’t even stop myself from taking a bite before the picture!

My partner, Brooke, decided she wouldn’t carb-load as much as I did (I got bacon as well, so that made it better, right?). She went for an mushroom, cheese and spinach omelet:

Omelets usually come with homefries and toast, and are stuffed to the limit!

I was able to partake of a smidgen to try it out, after thorough pleading (well, truthfully, Brooke and I planned to share bits of each other’s orders already to balance the nutrient intake, but describing it as pleading is funnier), and it was as savory and filling as I’d expected. Homefries are simply seasoned (salt, underwhelming to a homefries fanatic), and toast isn’t anything to write home about, but the iconic parts of each meal are indeed writable! (hence, well, posting this!)

Brief Note on Lunch:

Get…the…rueben. Stuffed full of corned beef and sauerkraut, this sandwich is beyond flavorful and really hits the spot. It was filling enough that I even took half back to work with me!

Reuben monstrosity!

All in all, food is worth stopping in for at any time of day. Cost is a little pricier than just a breakfast place (~$9 to $14 for each of the meals above), but within a reasonable range for the results.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!


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