Chemistry and a PhD – Introduction

Welcome to my “Chemistry and a PhD” blog, a place where I will regale you, the readers, with tales of various events throughout my time as a graduate student! Or, on a more variable excitement level, I will discuss the tidbits of knowledge and lessons I have gathered (and am still gathering) along the way.

Perhaps some readers may ask: why would I do something like this???

Fair question! My goal here is to allow myself the opportunity to organize and manage the hurricane of thoughts that flood into my mind during the course of my PhD program. I have found that without an outlet of some kind (or many), I become lost in this whirlwind; hopefully, by developing blogs for expression of my ideas and thoughts, I will find the path forward through my life’s metaphorical hedges.

So, what would many of these posts look like?

Perhaps in one post, I discuss my ideas of an optimized Teaching Assistant (TA) position wherein there is a sense of , dare I say, clarity of goals among all parties involved; alternatively, perhaps I spend a post digressing about the minute details of running a molecular modeling or simulation code (e.g. a Tips and Tricks styled write-up), or diving into particularly quirky or fascinating techniques/topics in current chemical literature. Or, on a particularly lively day, there may be combinations of these aspects, sprinkled with a bit of my forays into teaching.

With that, I also hope that by sharing my experiences and understanding with others, readers may find inspiration or clarity in their own programs or situations. Alternatively, I hope reading any of my blogs brings a sense of entertainment to you!



P.S. – If I find that an old, previously written post lays the groundwork for a new one I’m planning to do, I will either (a) refer to the old post, or (b) just update the old post, depending on the amount of information I am adding. Tangentially, I will be linking guides and resources that I locate and refer to within my posts related to that post’s subject, to give you, my readers, further avenues to explore the topic(s) from.